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For product information for our Q-ton systems, please see the table below or download our specifications page.

Item  Model  ESA30E-25
Power supply    3-phase 380V ±5%, 400V ±5%, 415V ±5% 50Hz
Operation to top up (In intermediate season)  Heating capacity  kW  30
 Water amount  Liter/min  8.97
 Power consumption  kW  6.98
 COP  -  4.3
 Operation to top up (In cold region)  Heating capacity  kW  30
 Water amount  Liter/min  5.06
 Power consumption  kW  10.73
 COP  -  2.8
 Operation sound  dB(A)  58
 Outside dimension  Height  mm  1,690
 Width  mm  1,350
 Depth  mm  720 + 35 (Water pipe connection)
 Current  Max  A  21
 Starting  A  5
 Unit weight  kg  375 (During operation 385)
 Colour    Stucco white (4.2Y7.5/1.1 approx.)
 Compressor  Type x Pcs    Hermetic inverter compressor x 1
 Nominal output  kW  6.4
 Refrigerant  Type     R744 (CO2)
 Charged amount  kg  8.5
 Refrigerant oil  Type    MA68
 Charged volume  cc  1200
 Crankcase heater  W  20
 Anti-freezing heater  for water pipe  W  48 x 3
 for drain pan  W  40 x 2
 for drain hose  W  40 x 2 + 48
 Heat exchanger, Air side    Copper pipe straight fin type
 Heat exchanger, Water side (Gas cooler)    Copper pipe coil type
 Fan  Type    Axial flow type (direct coupled motor) x 2
 Output x Pcs  W  386 x 2
 Air volume  m3/min  260
 Water pump  Type x output    Non-self-suction spiral type inverter pump x 100W
 Materials contacting to water    Bronze, SCS13
 Actual pump head  m (kPa)  5m (49kPa) @17Liter/min
 Usage temp range  Outdoor air temp  °C  -25 to +43
 Feed water inlet temp  °C  5-63
 Hot water outlet temp  °C  60-90
 Water pressure range  kPa  500 or lower
 Defrost    Hot gas type
 Vibration and sound proofing devices    Compressor: placed on anti-vibration rubber and wrapped with sound insulation
 Protection devices    High pressure switch, over current protection, power transistor overheat protection and anomalous high pressure protection
 Pipe size  Feed water inlet    Rc3/4 (Copper 20A)
 Hot water outlet    Rc3/4 (Copper 20A)
 Drain water outlet    Rc3/4 (Copper 20A)  
 Electric wiring  Earth leakage breaker    30A, 30mA, 0.1 sec
 Power cable size    14 x 4 (Length 40m)
 Moulded-case circuit breaker    Rated current: 30A, switch capacity: 30A
 Grounding wire size    M6
 Remote controller wire size    0.3mm2 x 2 cores shielding wire (MVVS)
 Design pressure  MPa  High pressure: 14.0, Low pressure: 8.5
 IP code    IP24