For product information for our ETW range, please see the table below or download our specifications page.

Model    ETW-L 
 Capacity Heating capacity  kW  340  404  547 
Cooling capacity  kW 226 268  407 
 Dimensions Length   m 1.55 
Width   m 1.2 
Height   m 2.0 
Weights  Shipping weight   kg 2400 
 Operation weight  kg 2700 
 Lubrication oil  - JOMO FREOL ALPHA 68B 
 Charge quantity of lubrication oil  L  20
 Refrigerant  - R134a 
 Charge quantity of refrigerant  kg 150 
 Retained water quantity  kg 174 
Electricity specification   Power source  V 400 V class (380 - 440 V), 50/60 Hz free 
Power source: auxiliary   V
 Rated input current  A 211  251   251
 Electrical power consumption  kW  124 147   148
Starting current   A Less than rater current value 
 Inverter capacity  kW  160
 Compressor  Model  - MCM150L 
 Quantity  -  1
 Motor output  kW 112   132 132 
Starting method   -  Soft starter by inverter
 Evaporator  Water side design pressure  MPa(G)  1.0
 Entering temperature of heat source water °C  10  20  50 
 Leaving temperature of heat source water °C  15   45
Flow rate of heat source water  m3/h 38.8  46.1  70.9 
 Nozzle size  - 100A (4 inch) 
 Pressure drop  kPa 12  16  30 
 Drain / Vent size  - 15A (1/2 inch)/15A (1/2 inch) 
Condensor    Water side design pressure MPa(G)  1.0 
 Entering temperature of hot water   °C  60 70 80 
 Leaving temperature of hot water   °C  70  80  90
 Flow rate of hot water   m3/h 29.8 35.6  48.4
Nozzle size   - 80A (3 inch) 
 Pressure drop  kPa 14   20 35 
 Drain / Vent size  -  15A (1/2 inch)/15A (1/2 inch)
Control   Control equipment   Microcomputer control panel 
 Control method   Control of 1st-stage vane, control of motor speed, control of hot gas bypass 
 Protecting circuit   High trip condenser pressure, Low trip evaporator pressure, Inverter failure, Oil differential low pressure, High temperature of oil, Low temperature of oil, Current limit, High temperature of motor, Oil pump error, Sensor error, Stop of heat source water, Stop of hot water, Low temperature of heat source water, High temperature of hot water, Position error of control valve
 Auxiliary machine    Oil pump: 0.4 kW, Heater: 0.5 kW
 Capacity control range    Min. 20% (125 kW)* - Max. 100% (627 kW)*: continuous control
*Capacity control range shall be changed depending on temperature condition, etc. Less than lower limit: control by ON/OFF switch 
 Display   Liquid crystal display on remote control board 
 Remote control function   Start/Stop, Hot water temperature setting, Status display (pressure, Temperature, Operation, Alarm, Current, Estimated operation hour), Operation schedule setting

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